A Transformer-Robot-Dinosaur who makes art.

I'm a designer and maker in Toronto, Canada.

I make things! All kinds of things! Lately, lots of bow ties and monsters. This is a process blog/art journal of things I make, along with the occasional egotistical selfie, of course.


makin’ bike lights

Matching hair!

Oh hey, look who’s a cover model on the next/new issue of Broken Pencil.

job hunting sucks, but sometimes you come across ridiculous gems like this on CraigsList.

"Cool stuff like collecting tshirts, hobbies to take up thanks to the extra time of not having kids"


Yesterday I was on a music video set for 15 hours.  The music video was for this song, which they played over and over.  I am currently listening to this song, since I am neither sick of it nor hate it from over play.
Listen to the song.
Fall in love.
Look forward to the AMAZING music video that is to come.

July 10th: 30 weeks.

This week I am fixing four LED TRON-type light suits for a music video.  

I may not be sleeping much this week, but who needs sleep when you have LED TRON-type light suits?

This happened today to a mug I loved more than most other things.
I guess this is the problem with using a mug to hold all of your emotions as well as delicious coffee.  If/when it breaks… now where am I going to store my excessive feelings?  Sure, I have more mugs to drink coffee out of, but I need another container for all these dumb painful emotions that get in the way of doing things.


Soft Circuit ‘Bee’

HERE’S MY CARD: a mixer for creative people

STAY GOLDEN: a Golden Girls Party!

Urban Gardening ‘Bee’


A Midsummer Night’s Zine (with Shameless Magazine!)

Coding ‘Bee’!

(also check out Keener Events, who are hosting Here’s My Card, Stay Golden, and A Midsummer Night’s Zine!)

I woke up in my parents’ house in Muskoka (that’s not the disorienting part, I’ve been there the past two days).
Something made me really grumpy before I had coffee and my face hurt from scrunching it.
I swam in the Muskoka River.
I spent over two hours in a car.
I got my 30th T shot, ended up bleeding from it, and fainting.
I had food with friends, went to the Welcome to Night Vale live show, and then went and ate more food with different friends.
Now I am home and my room is still a disastrous mess from the week leading up to Pride weekend which I then fled to go to Muskoka.  Now I am back and feel… at a loss?  June is over.  I did so, so much, but I don’t seem to feel connected to any of it.  Maybe that connection will return?  

I love putting all that I am in the work that I do; I love doing the work that I do with all that I am.  I am passionate about being passionate.  But when the work is done, I wish I felt less empty from it.  I wish I felt more proud of myself.  I just feel numb.

Guess who’s going to the live Welcome to Night Vale show?

World Pride: LET’S GO!

if you need to find this weekend at World Pride, I’ll be wearing this Fag Bag.


This is the couple I made the gay pride wedding bow ties for!  They made the list of 10 Heartwarming Images from Toronto Mass Wedding (where I grab this photo from).


Today I installed (with the help of hirschfeld-follies) this window display for Naked Boys Reading at Videofag.

I am very very happy and excited for how it turned out, but kind of bummed that it’s difficult to photograph because of the reflection.

The display is only up until the event, which is tomorrow night!  So its inaugural installation is a short run, but it will be the first of many: Glad Day Bookshop want to make these events a regular thing.