A Transformer-Robot-Dinosaur who makes art.

I'm a designer and maker in Toronto, Canada.

I make things! All kinds of things! Lately, lots of bow ties and monsters. This is a process blog/art journal of things I make, along with the occasional egotistical selfie, of course.



I got some serious animal therapy today.  I don’t remember being so close to a horse before; I mean, I feel as though I went on a pony ride as a child, but today I pet a horse.  And the dog was the dopiest, lopiest dog.  But Barn Cat was the best: basically climbing on you to get cuddles.  

Farm animals are awesome.

Hanging out with a dog, nbd.

(but especially Sean <3)

I should have gone to bed two hours ago, but I just really wanted to finish printing.  Note to self: don’t start printing at 10pm if you know you should be in bed by midnight.
Passing out now, but tomorrow this will become the greatest tank top ever.

I suddenly decided it would be a good idea to screen print.

This was a great decision.


wat and elija

What a year it’s been, eh?

I had to cancel all plans today [because depression], and instead I just drew and designed and watched QI.
Worn down some coloured pencils, made well use of my scanner, and ignored laundry/errands/out doors/most people.
Tomorrow I’ll start all over again, and see what plans I keep and what plans I change and what I do and what I don’t.

More doodles: these ones from an altered book project from second year.

I’ve been going through old notebooks & sketchbooks and I came across one where the first fifteen pages were just filled like this.  This is how I would doodle during school lectures, and my notebook margins were always absolutely full like this.

Best friends for life.

a quick sneak peak of what I got up to this afternoon.


hmm.  not too happy with the digital rendering of this.  it might be my not-so-great scanner :/

I have to scan some things using a super-duper-amazing scanner on Friday, so we’ll see if that improves anything.