A Transformer-Robot-Dinosaur who makes art.

I'm a designer and maker in Toronto, Canada.

I make things! All kinds of things! Lately, lots of bow ties and monsters. This is a process blog/art journal of things I make, along with the occasional egotistical selfie, of course.


Today was install day at the gallery!  The show is officially open as of tomorrow!  Thursday night, 6-9pm, is the open house come-shmooze-with-the-artists night: https://www.facebook.com/events/672091702872384/

This is Mojo, the gallery dog, and if you come see the show you will also see this awesome pug who I have befriended and let lick pizza taste from my fingers.

I am installing work tomorrow for a week long show!  The opening night is this Thursday.  I have work from two different series in it: A Work of Whimsy and Found.  
I decided to pull out the found text I work with and maybe make a couple more pieces?  To frame?  Geeze, I should be sleeping instead, shouldn’t I?  Anyways, I’m not sure what text to use on the photo: do I go for hopeful or dark?

working on framing & packaging work for my show this week!
come to the opening night on Thursday! https://www.facebook.com/events/672091702872384/


Fun fact: I will be a participant in this year’s Word on the Street festival! Thanks to the fine folks at Broken Pencil magazine, I’ll be taking part in a Zine Race alongside some pretty rad humans (see descriptions of event/other humans above).

It’s happening tomorrow (Sunday, September 21) from 12-1pm at the New Narratives tent, and it promises to be pretty entertaining, so join us if you can!

Me too!  I’ll be there!  Tomorrow!  The current face of Broken Pencil Magazine, y’all!


I miss missing you

Part of the Cut and Paste Poetry series, 2012.
Found words on a Polaroid photo.

I keep forgetting I ended up punching a truck today while biking through traffic.  Then I remember.  Damn, I’m so tough, right?

Anyway, you can’t really see the mark on my fist, but you can see there on the left (my right) that I’m currently re-lining my favourite jacket.  It’s a leather jacket that I my dad got custom made in 1974, and I pulled it out of the closet a few years ago and started wearing it.  The lining is finally to shreds, so I took it out and made a new one using some olive green silk I’ve had for ages and been wanting to used.  Then I decided to make some new pockets, too, cause the old ones have been patched too many times.  For those I’m using some nice printed cotton: [birch] tree trunks on a blue sky.  But first I’ve been re-sewing seam lines on the actually leather.  The leather is still top notch, but the cotton threads have completely worn out in places.  I have to re-sew it all by hand because A) I don’t a have a machine powerful enough to punch through so much leather, or one that fits up the sleeves, and 3) I don’t want to punch new holes through the leather when I can hand sew through the ones already there.  It’s taking a while, and I’m probably only half done the process, but it’ll will be totally worth it when it lasts me another 40 years.


We’re all overdue.

Part of the Cut and Paste Poetry series, 2012.
Found words on old/unused library book insert.

This is how I feel about having such a “normal” hair cut/colour.

I cleaned up the sides/back today before I handed out some resumes.  I went to Wanda’s Pie in the Sky and gave them my paper CV AND a piece of home made pie that I made last night from scratch.  Because… pie resume = best resume.  I also dropped off a CV to this sewing supply & leather store which I go to so much they know me there.  I already know where everything is, and it’s my favourite sewing related store in the city.  Working at either/both of those places would rule and actual jobs I could see myself doing.  

But I can’t see myself keeping such “normal” hair for much longer.  

Just call me The Duke of Fancy Pants.

Just need to hem these beauties and then I can wear them out!  Check out that fancy re-enforced crotch… cause I bike HARD.

Pants in progress!

These are just the pockets.
(all the material is from this old woman’s house that my mum’s been helping; lots of scraps, some quilted pieces, sections of vintage corduroy)

oh, you know, just designing pants and watching Bill Nye… no big deal.



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Get ready for some super queer zines, y’all.

THIS IS IT!!!  This is the AMAZING music video I got to work on in July!!!
Those four background dancers?  Yeah, I fixed all their light suits.  And then I was on set all day do spot fixing because whoever originally made the, did not design them to move.  But yay!  It all worked out!  Movie magic!

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