A Transformer-Robot-Dinosaur who makes art.

I'm a designer and maker in Toronto, Canada.

I make things! All kinds of things! Lately, lots of bow ties and monsters. This is a process blog/art journal of things I make, along with the occasional egotistical selfie, of course.


Bow tie order update:

Well, if I thought making 20 bow ties in eight days was impressive, I’ve surpassed myself: 52 bow ties in 7 days.  I am now at my parents’ place in Muskoka for the next two weeks.  Well deserved break, I think?  
This massive bow tie order is for a new line being launched; my only involvement is the physical making of the bow ties, but I’ll keep all y’all updated as the line is launched, etc.  These are fine fine materials: gorgeous prints and twills, and four of them indigo.  So dreamy.

But now I’m in dreamy nature, away from my making studio but equip with my designing tools.  So when I get back to the city I’ll be able to jump into new projects and endeavours.  You know, after I finish the other 23 bow ties from this order.  Ah, life.  Who ever imagined this is what I’d be doing?  Not me.  What a strange and wonderful surprise.

Oh hey!  I’m Canadian Artist of the Week!

And you too can be inspired by the he Canadian artist I admire!  Follow Jessica Bartram on tumblr, and be delighted by all of her work and creations.  And dog.


Big commission underway: 15 gorgeous materials to become 75 bow ties.  I have to finish as many as possible before I leave the city in a week, but the thing I’m panicking most about is that I only have one Harry Potter audiobook left to listen to…

this is my mean face.

Voila!  Xpace window space: Wat’s home for the month of August!

Last night was the opening, and the show runs until August 29th.  

I just finished reading the exhibition essay that was written about my work.  I feel… professional?  Not just professional, but… legitimate.  I mean, despite my excessive silliness, I know I can be professional when I want/need to be.  But feeling legitimate, especially as an artist… yeah, I could get used to this feeling.   

Sneak peek!  Come to the opening tonight and see it all in person!


Also, read the lovely write up on the Xtra blog: http://dailyxtra.com/ideas/blogs/daily-briefs/the-wild-things-getting-coffee

And be super impressed that tonight’s opening is on Canadian Art’s must see this week list.

Started my install at XPACE today!  Come on Friday night for the opening!


She is crazy. How could her father not be worried? But right now he is helping Jackie, and they are lifting this monitor up over their heads. They lift it up over their heads, and Jackie’s muscles ache like gold. The sun is shining.
“Are you insane?” the nurse says. But even crazy people can be heroes.

This can also be applied to iamthesean and me.

prologue ii, One Bloody Thing After Another by Joey Comeau

While re-reading One Bloody Thing After Another today I dropped a glass and it smashed.  It seemed to fall in slow motion and when it hit the ground and broke, it was extremely satisfying.

The second part of the prologue from the book is one of my favourite passages/scenes/scenarios.  It’s just so perfect.  I finished reading the book while drinking a coffee outside Ideal in Kensington; I forgot how viscerally gory the end was, and I was wincing and pulling a face.  As I put the book back in my bag, the couple next to me started asking me about it and, well, I gushed a bit.  I love this book.  As much as I can’t handle gore well, it is totally worth it for Joey Comeau’s writing.

makin’ bike lights

Matching hair!

Oh hey, look who’s a cover model on the next/new issue of Broken Pencil.