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What should I call my monster man?

I’ve narrowed down the name(s) to either Walter Erik Montgomery* or Erik Walter Montgomery*.

I like the name Erik for a few reasons, one of them being that it came up on Name Etymology when I searched for both “green” and “bear”; also, doesn’t it seem like he’d do well in Scandinavia?  (Or maybe I just really want to go there…)
Walter is great because it short-forms well: Wally, Walt, and especially Wat.  I’ve been thinking of calling him Wat from the very beginning, largely in part because of my great-grand father, William Arrias Toop.  It’s a good, solid, common-but-not-too-popular, slightly odd name, with connections to my family.  

(*yes, he’s going to have my last name because I made him okay.)

So… what do you think?

  1. thestationersapprentice said: One last thing: if you want the monster to seem more youthful, go with Erik. If you want him to seem older, go with Walter. People tend to have age associations with names like Walter, which may affect how he’s perceived by others.
  2. thestationersapprentice answered: I like Erik Walter, because having the two “er” sounds side-by-side in Walter Erik seems clunky.
  3. lillior answered: Yep. Walter Erik Montgomery. Sounds good.
  4. holmesianhatter answered: Walter Erik Montgomery!
  5. jbbartram answered: Walter as the first name just fits, somehow, I think!
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  7. ostensibly-shiny said: Erik Walter
  8. nafansaurus answered: I like Erik Walter! It just seems to have a good rhythm to it. ^_^
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