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I'm a designer and maker in Toronto, Canada.

I make things! All kinds of things! Lately, lots of bow ties and monsters. This is a process blog/art journal of things I make, along with the occasional egotistical selfie, of course.

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Best friends for life.

Guys, guys!  My friend Piffin cut my hair!

I basically told him, everything but the puff.

My EEG appointment is next week.
I have three more weeks of fourth year uni until final projects are due.
I have to write three proposals this week, and start looking for summer employment by the end of the month.

Puff levels are high.

New Year; New Format

So, almost three years ago now I started my letter writing blog, Someone To Write To.  With my thesis prep starting this year, which will involve letters and mail, I felt a resurgence of the old project was necessary.  However, as the format of the old blog was hard to maintain (especially as it was created on an old unchangeable e-mail address), I’ve decided to do all further up-keeping from a new tumblog.


Please follow, spread, and write.

Someone to Write to
(me, Elija!)

cleaning up my computer and found this Nerdfightastic photo from the summer.


someone did a nerdfighter mention in the T.O. Night newspaper :)

Hooray for Toronto Nerdfighters!

Insufficient Cartography

Yes, I found this video (I knew it wasn’t too old, but thank you thank you the Nerdfighter Video Wiki); this helps explain my intrigue and frustration with maps.


re-uploaded so it doesn’t look like ‘Nert Fight’…

"The first rule of NerdFight Club is TELL EVERYONE ABOUT NERDFIGHT CLUB.”

(via effyeahnerdfighters)

Dye painting with a soy wax resist; setting it over a few days, and then I’ll iron out the wax, wash it, and fix it.

Pizza John likes to ride bikes.

If I’m wearing my Pizza John shirt while riding my bike, and I look in the side mirror, I see only my body and not my own head… just John’s head on my torso.

Embroidered buttons!

I’ve had a button maker for years, and magazine photos get boring.  I started making buttons out of fabric, then fabric I’ve screen printed, and now fabric I’ve both dyed and embroidered!

The material was dyed [by me] during my summer course: the green is marigold and indigo (natural dyes), while the purple and red are reactive dyes (all on silk-ramie fabric).  The thread used for embroidery I did not dye, as the thread I DID dye is very sparse, and for now I’m saving it.
(Not sure if it’s clear to those unfamiliar with it, but the red button is embroidered with a grumpy-monster face I’ve been drawing/doodling for almost a decade.)

And for non-Nerdfighters (or should I say, pre-Nerdfighters): DFTBA.


Please help me develop this idea! Logo critiques would be much appreciated. I move fast so I need feedback!

So the idea, basically, is a website that encourages people to pledge to read the book before they watch a movie. I like this idea because:

  1. It’s nerdfightastic
  2. It encourages people to read
  3. It could possibly employ a writer to do blog posts and write newsletters letting everyone know what books are being adapted into major movies.
  4. It has a simple monetization strategy to help pay for that writer (amazon associate links.)
  5. It could have an active sign-up system, encouraging people to sign a pledge which would also allow them to opt-in to a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter.

Please leave comments telling me why you think this is a good / bad idea. Please leave comments adding to the idea. Please leave logo critiques in the comments. You can also do any and all of these things on twitter…just @reply me. 

I just bought readit1st.com, so I’m already $10 in the hole on this!

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The first part of the process of how to make paper.


I need to make this into a silk screen ASAP.