A Transformer-Robot-Dinosaur who makes art.

I'm a designer and maker in Toronto, Canada.

I make things! All kinds of things! Lately, lots of bow ties and monsters. This is a process blog/art journal of things I make, along with the occasional egotistical selfie, of course.

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Glamour mustache. So hot right now.


Underneath my school (Taken with instagram)

Sometimes I forget not everyone goes to University in a crazy box on stilts.

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I wish this weren’t so true.

I wish this weren’t so true.

Cat Man: hard at work.

I have lost my cord that connects my iPod (my camera) to my computer.  It’s probably somewhere in my room, but that’s currently a disaster zone as I try to get everything done in the next four days (WHAT?).  Until I find it, all the lovely process shots of what I’m working on are stuck. 

In the mean time, please enjoy this photo of me in my awesome protective gear.  Most essential, of course, is the cat hat.

(the cat hat helps my brain from exploding)


(Taken with picplz.)


…and breathing becomes a foreign concept. 

Thursday morning, 8:30am, I have a major critique for my Fibre Design class.  While I’ve done quite a few hours on this project, so many more still remain to be completed…and yet, I’m not sure the next three days house both hours to finish said project, and hours to sleep and remain sane. 

This is not a choice I enjoy making.

Welcome to the Fibre Studios.

I am your student monitor.